10 Things to Do After Yoga Teacher Training

Amidst the modern clutter, a yoga teacher training course is an expedition of transformation, personal growth, and body-mind health. During yoga teacher training courses across the globe, you get an opportunity to learn, and practice yoga, to become one with nature, and to embrace profound connections within.

As you successfully complete a yoga teacher training course, you evolve into a celebrated yoga teacher as well as a human being with serenity and yogic demeanor. Continuing your yoga practice and adhering to a yogic lifestyle even after completion of the course is the ultimate path to embrace the treasures of yoga lifelong. Here’s what you can do after yoga teacher training.

1. Get Registered to Spread the Message: Congratulations for the achievement. Your hard work, dedication, and patience have reaped sweet fruits in the form of Yoga Alliance certification from the respective school. Log into the Yoga Alliance website, submit the information (certification course), and get yourself registered. By doing this, you receive an acknowledgment from the community of being a registered yoga teacher (RYT). With this honor, you gain the freedom to preach the message of yoga worldwide.

2. Develop Curriculum Vitae: After the completion of your yoga training, you can take up yoga as a profession. So, like other professions, yoga profession too demands a curriculum vitae (resume) in which you can showcase a comprehensive profile of your qualification, skills, teaching style, experience, and more. The resume will help you get lucrative offers for teaching yoga in yoga schools across the globe.

3. Take Regular Yoga Classes: Now that you are registered and have a well-drafted resume, you can start taking regular classes at a yoga studio. By taking regular yoga classes, you can continue your practice and can share yoga knowledge open-heartedly with the students. It will help you discover in depth the science of yoga and enhance your teaching experience.

4. Be Independent and Launch a Yoga Studio: When you take yoga teaching as a profession, you dream of having your own yoga studio. Going-all independent and launching your own yoga studio is one of the best ways to share your passion for yoga with budding yoga enthusiasts. Build your yoga studio with positivity, authenticity, and peacefulness. Teach the students the traditional yoga lessons and practices.

5. Embrace a Yogic Lifestyle: As a yoga teacher, you are an inspiration for the many. So, continue to live and nurture a yogic lifestyle. In this way, you can embrace a healthy lifestyle yourself as well as guide others well on the same path. Adopting good habits and following a healthy routine is vital for maintaining a regular yoga practice.

6. Be a Light of Inspiration: As a yoga teacher, you are not only entrusted with the task of teaching the students’ yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation. But also to motivate them along the journey, make self-sufficient to fight the battles of the life, to help them learn self-healing, and more. Become a guiding light and illuminate the lives of your students with immense positivity and motivation.

7. Be a Yoga Nomad: Being registered with Yoga Alliance gives you an opportunity to spread the teachings of yoga anywhere around the globe. Make rightful use of this opportunity and edify as many people as you can in various parts of the world with yogic wisdom. Be a yoga nomad and truly live a life of a yoga teacher.

8. Enlighten the Masses with Traditional Teachings: One of the distinguishing qualities of a great yoga teacher is that they enlighten the minds of the students with yoga lessons steeped in authenticity and traditionalism. Only with the classical yoga knowledge, the students can learn the sole purpose of yoga. Preach what you have attained during a yoga teacher training course.

9. Determine the Niche and become a Master of it: During a yoga teacher training course, you become well-versed with diverse types of yoga styles. Find what appeals you the most. Is it Hatha, Ashtanga, or any other form of yoga. Specialize further in a yoga style that fascinates you the most. Enhance your practice in that yoga type and become a master of it with finesse.

10. Enjoy the Journey: During a yoga teacher training journey, you have endured an intensive schedule. Upon completion, embrace the values gained. Be patient and enjoy the new transformations. Do not let go of the practice.

Keep up the self-practice. Lead a life of contentment and bliss. Spread love to the world.

10 Things to Do After Yoga Teacher Training