Perform all activities of life in a relaxed and harmonious manner, being at home with full vigour, energy but in a natural and calm manner. This relaxed state of consciousness can only be achieved by meditation and this ensures that you do everything with all your abilities in a relaxed manner but being alert and fully aware about yourself and the surroundings. This can only be achieved by practice of meditation that would bring about a calm state of body and mind which would make you do all your work and face your challenges of life effortlessly.

These techniques are being taught in Shwaasa which is not only just increasing your awareness by the help of Yoga, asana, pranayama and meditation but a totally different way of leading life which transforms the life altogether. This is precisely the technique that is being taught in the Vedic literature and philosophy of Geeta and other religious scriptures of the world that Shwaasa follows. The difference is that without referring to any religion, Shwaasa teaches it more practically and relating to life at every moment.

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