Asthma Yoga


People who have Asthma will tell you how dreadful it is. It happens due to many factors like few of them are genetic and few occur due to a chronic inflammation and narrowing of the air passages of the lungs. It is indeed dreadful. The medications that are available give a temporary relief. It is possible for one to survive without water, food or even sleep but one cannot imagine the sustenance of life without oxygen. The exercises prescribed by the specialists and especially Shwaasa Guru are the long term panacea to the dreadful ailment.

Incidentally due to the malformation of the air passages all the asthma patients breathe in an incorrect manner. The postures prescribed by Shwaasa attempts to regularize the breath through few of the postures. This is elaborated in the DVD which vividly shows how to do the exercises so that there is a cure of the disease once and for all. The DVD also teaches you the step by step method of all the exercises which would suit all ages and body types. People not having any problems of asthma can also use these techniques and practice these yoga postures and asanas to keep away from diseases like these. As the well-known proverb goes “Prevention is better than cure” keep this DVD with you and you can practice these asanas and inculcate others as well in doing these. Wishing you the best of health.

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