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Several erudite and yogis have made this annotation that people spend half of their entire life in earning money, goods, facilities and the remainder of their life is spent in managing their ill-health caused in the process of this earning.
This is observed to be the striking irony of today’s modern age. Unfortunately, this is the story and struggles of corporate world. Corporate professionals struggle with unhealthy individuals in gaining wealth which merely leads to increased stress levels. There are several factors that contribute to these heightened stress levels like—multitasking, prolonged work hours, spending excessive time on computer and other e-gadgets, irregular eating habits, night shifts, rigorous work schedule, odd working hours, and the list continues. The constant demands of work and desire leads to abrasion, loss of productivity, lost balance of life, rising conflicts and several other mental, physical problems. However, in recent times, these professionals are gradually realizing the reasons behind these disruptions and at some stage, when they feel that the problems have gotten completely out of their control, they seek solace in the practice of ‘yoga’. So much so, that a number of these professionals resort to yogic way of life in their corporate space as well.
The age old quotation, ‘health is wealth’, is now gaining prominence.
Another often quoted adage is “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. But, unfortunately in search of wealth the poor man does not get a chance to see the rising sun.

He often spends wakeful nights too. He has become too engrossed with his workaholic lifestyle, so much so that his body has lost the rhythm; his true happiness is a lost quotient. And, this takes a toll on work life and reciprocally on personal life too. He cries to come out of this vicious cycle and ponders over voluntary retirement. The ultimate question strikes, “Is this all that life had to offer to us?”
The yogis present a different model of life. They say, “Hey stop!” They propose an alternative theory about why and how to live a more balanced life. They explain how to access the root of consciousness through our breath. Breath is the most significant element of our body – often coined as the sole remedy for a number of diseases. Learning how to exercise control over our breath along with practicing respective yoga asanas can work wonders on us by increasing oxygen flow and accentuating healthy blood flow to all the vital organs in the body – thereby, reinstating its vigor.

‘A fit body hoards a fit mind’. This is a fact by which a number of people live by. This is the only way to achieve better productivity at work and be happy in personal life too. If a person is mentally and physically fit, then work and life become fit too. Establishing this work-life balance is the primary concept of yoga. The only way a company and its employee can benefit from each other is when this work-life balance is achieved so that the happiness index of its employee rise, which in turn, leads to a rise in the overall productivity of the respective organization they work for.
Going on a yoga retreat is the key where one can truly stimulate their mind, their body and restore the long lost balance back into their life. Yoga therapy, meditation, spiritual excursions set along the plethora of nature’s gifts truly strikes the heart and the rhythm of every individual.
Despite the complicated theories of psychology and management, this kind of yoga retreat for the corporate professional brings immense benefits to the organization as a whole – promotes a holistic well-being that goes a long way.

Yogic way of life in corporate – A case study


Yogic way of life in corporate – A case study

Yoga coupled with a yogic lifestyle greatly impacts a person’s emotional intelligence, enhances it with optimism and enlightenment. A research was conducted by IIM Bangalore and IIM Ahemdabad. The aim of this research was to analyze the impact of yoga on the performance metrics of the employees along with their emotional intelligence. During this research, the general conditions of a person’s body and the impact of yoga on the happiness index of individuals was also studied.

The research paper ‘Impact of Adoption of Yoga Way of Life on Emotional Intelligence of Managers’ published in the November issue of 2010 by IIM-Bangalore management review states that a proper and systematic adoption of yogic way of life can consequent in a much better Emotional Intelligence (EI) levels among employees and can really improve their managerial performance in their respective organization.

The Study

In both the studies conducted by IIM-A and IIM-B, there was a group of employees of between 84-60 numbers. Along with these two groups, there was also a control group of the same strength as the other two groups. The control group was allocated certain hours of conventional training using management techniques, along with certain duration of physical workout. While the remaining groups were trained using a combination of management techniques and yoga. The results of this research concluded that the average EI of yoga group participants which was 5.50 before the study had elevated to 5.97 (post study). Whereas, the EI of control group which was 5.61 before the study had now reduced to 5.55 after the study ended. This research sets clear thesis about yoga therapy. It proves that yoga methodology could very well conquer and replace the management training of Six Signa, TQM, Transaction Analysis, etc.

According to the estimates, ‘stress’ costs American companies around 300 billion USD annually. This ‘cost’ is a by-product of ‘stress’ inflicted through various factors like reduced productivity, compensation claims, increasing absenteeism, etc. The Indian scenario is gradually catching up on it – with increasing number of employees seeking professional help due to undulating stress and burnout at workplace.

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