About Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji


The main motto of the organization is “Yoga yukta, Roga mukta”. That is, practice yoga, stay away from diseases. “Shwaasa” means breath, which means life.

Yoga was discovered nearly 5000 years ago. Its magic prevails upon the physical and mental benefit of the mankind even today. Since the day of its birth, Yoga has been known for its unanimous powers that can heal, as well as benefit a person—physically, mentally and spiritually.
A hysterical emotional being is a disruptive being. In order to lead a more peaceful life, it is necessary to be able to exercise control over these emotions – yoga helps you replace that lost peace into your life. Amidst this high demanding lifestyle, where a day’s activity goes into stress and distress, yoga arrives as a boon. Yoga aids in achieving the perfect sync between physical and mental well being.
“Yoga is not a Creed, it is a Science,” says the mentor.
Hence, defining Yoga as a religious art form would not be appropriate. It is a science that is so deep and, so full of awe that attaining it takes years of practice, learning and dedication. This science cannot be attained by mere thought – it demands passion and commitment.
One such yoga devotee is our Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji. A renowned yoga science expert and preacher of ingrained traditional yoga philosophy, Swami Vachananandji is most well-known for being one of the personalities to bring yoga on an international platform. He has popularized the science of yoga through several yoga camps, yoga schools and a number of TV shows.

“Most of us do not understand the importance of breath and what power it entails within itself. We mostly take it as the most necessary tool for body’s physical survival. Not much research has been done about it. However, a ‘breath’ is much more than that – a lot more than a body’s physical obligation,” Swamiji humbly says.

Our Mission and Objective


Sri Vachananand Swamiji took birth in Tanvashi – a small village in the district of Belagavi, Karnataka. At a mere age of eight, he went to study yoga, religion and philosophy at his guru Sri Marulashankara Shivayogi’s ashram. His voyage as a yogi took a turn when he ventured towards Himalayas to further his knowledge and practice of yoga. During his tenure in the Himalayas, he excelled in several forms and styles of yoga therapy, yoga philosophy and meditation. However, a few days later, he realized that it is his home where he should start his yoga practice. “I thought I should begin from my own home, so I returned from the Himalayas and started serving here”, the Guru says.
The Shwaasa Guru teaches yoga with a fusion of both contemporary and traditional methods. He is very particular about his students learning both the practical and technical aspect of Yoga. And, so his sessions are a blend of scientific methodology, amicability and simplicity. He treats all his students on a parallel scale that leads his students to attain his teachings with much more ease.
In 2012, Shri Vachananand Swamiji founded the Shwaasa Yoga Center to further spread the art of yoga. Throughout his life, he stands by one motto, “Yoga Yukta, Roga Mukta”, which means “imbibe yoga into life to stay away from diseases.”
Shwaasa Yoga Organization continues to abide by this motto and vows to makes our nation a disease free country.

Shwaasa follows tradition with modernity by conducting yoga classes, as well as personality development training classes for various groups of people across the world. There are different classes for respective groups of people like – corporate yoga, yoga teacher training, traditional yoga, etc. And, the topics are varied too, such as, Yoga therapy, Acupressure, Meditation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc.
The purpose of the organization is not only to make the nation a disease free nation, but also to formulate yoga as a way of life, to introduce yoga therapy as method of medical treatment for several diseases, to create various yoga educational training centers and treatment facilities and to spread mental delight across the world.
“Our mission is to create a disease free society. Good health means peace of mind, which means joyful life. If we have peace of mind, our ability to work will also increase”, says the Guru. Shwaasa has been organizing yoga classes across the globe for different sects of people.
These programs not only work towards improving universal heath of people, these also help in treating, as well as eliminating various other diseases like obesity, diabetes, neck pain, arthritis, stress, varicose veins, insomnia, stress, depression, etc.
Apart from these classes, Shwaasa organizes several yoga camps and offers specialized training in corporate yoga, yoga for various working professionals, yoga for leaders, yoga for MLAs, yoga for doctors, yoga training for celebrities, yoga training for children, etc.
Shwaasa has come a long way since then and the organization continues to grow with its motto and its mission to create an ailment free nation.

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